WALTHER folding systems

When the WALTHER success story began 40 years ago, there was only one vision and one desire to develop an idea. It was just as impossible to plan success then as it is today. But the conditions were right - then as now. Today, the business vision has long since become reality in many respects. What remains is the effort to become better in detail, to optimise processes and to manage staff sustainably as well. The challenge lies in being just as successful in a completely different, digitally influenced world of work while still paying tribute to the individuality of each individual, whether customer or employee. Our capital is the wealth of experience from 40 years of successful work, knowing markets and mechanisms as well as the right mixture of experience and dynamics - this is how we will master future tasks!

Dominik Lemken

“We continuously develop new ideas in order to optimise the logistics of our customers with new products. Due to the increasing digitisation in packaging logistics and automation, both our customers and we as manufacturers are faced with completely new challenges. New technologies also mean new possibilities and opportunities for innovative applications along the supply chain. We want to be your reliable partner to meet the challenges of the future.”

Thomas Heilen

"In order to meet the increasing demands of our customers and the logistics industry, it takes a functioning, cross-departmental team. Through many joint projects with our customers, we always have an eye on the market. The holistic logistics approach, coupled with individual customer requirements, with all its facets, allows us to develop unique customer solutions."

Thomas Walther

“Being a family business, we also want to work like a family.

Our customers are like good, welcome relatives who enjoy coming to see us again and again.

Our employees are the close family members who like to work together and help each other with advice and practical support.

And the suppliers are friends you can rely on, who support us at all times.

And all of them, together with our great reusable packaging, ensure that our environment is conserved and protected.”

Rolf F. Walther

“Our guiding principle is that of the "honourable merchant":

We keep our promises to our customers.

Our employees can rely on a secure and challenging job.

We are committed to a long-term and cooperative partnership with our suppliers.

We assume responsibility in our region and for the long-term conservation of our environment.

Honesty, reliability, integrity and respect are the values on which our success must be based.”

The mixture makes the difference

The fundamentally positive attitude towards people and environment, to sustainability and the respectful use of resources.

The orientation towards rules and values that make successful business activities possible in the first place.
The intention to build long-term relationships with customers and suppliers so that trust develops and becomes the basis of every business activity.
The shared will to further develop ourselves and the idea and to appreciate success as confirmation of the chosen path.
The strength to cope with setbacks and crises and to see them as challenges and opportunities to improve.
The ability to respond flexibly to change, to adapt the vision to changing conditions and yet remain true to ourselves.
The ambition to be perceived at all times as a competent partner who tackles the task with experience and energy and leads it purposefully towards a solution.
To be the predictable, trustworthy player in the market that provides orientation both internally and externally, even in turbulent times.

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I like working at WALTHER....

"…because I work with really nice colleagues, my work is varied and what I do is valued.“

"…because it's fun, varied and multi-faceted."

"…because I have a very good relationship with all my colleagues and some of them have even become friends."

"…because the employees are at the centre of everything WALTHER does and are valued, and an independent, critical way of thinking is asked for and encouraged."

"…because I enjoy working in a small team in a family business."

"…because working in our top team is so much fun, and consulting and sales are simply my vocation."

"...because my field of work is highly varied and I can meet our customers at the level where they need the support of logistics professionals through a personal conversation."

"…because I experience how the company grows dynamically and I can always play my part in that."

"…because there is something new every day and because we are involved in projects and products from the first idea to the series production of millions of items."

"…because my responsibilities are highly varied and I enjoy working in my team very much."

"…because I like the linguistic diversity in our export team so much."

"…because the open dialogue with short communication channels, the varied tasks and the great team spirit create a pleasant atmosphere."

"…because I'm really proud of seeing our products being used not just in Germany."