Reusable trays on conveyor belt

Automated storage technology

Specific requirements

Special folding and collapsible boxes as well as trays from WALTHER Faltsysteme are in use in fully and semi-automated warehouses. 

Our load carriers for modern, automated storage technology

Digitisation and Industry 4.0 have long since entered the world of logistics today. Fully automated warehouses are not only the technology of the future, but are already established worldwide today. Especially when using automated processes, work with robots, stack handling and kilometre-long conveyor lines, the load carrier used must be 100 per cent reliable.

Automated storage technology in high-bay warehouses with intelligent returnable load carriers

Load carriers as controlling element

Today, load carriers are a moving part of the computer-controlled ecosystem within the warehouse. As soon as the goods are received, they are transferred onto or into the corresponding load carriers and then stored. Once the goods have been placed on or in the load carrier, the system knows its location and which goods it contains at all times. Further information can also be stored and retrieved via the specific barcode. Conveyor belts, automated storage and retrieval systems, or roller belts take the load carriers to their temporary storage location. This space is automatically calculated and assigned by the system depending on the type of goods. A variety of factors are taken into account, for example how often the item is retrieved.

Picking line with numerous DPS folding boxes left and right

Reliability for complex processes

Beside fully automated warehouses, in which the goods are picked autonomously by robots and other handling systems, semi-automated processes have also become established. The goods are driven in their containers to the picking line where they are then picked. The required items are taken from the container and the container is sent back on its journey into the storage system to its new storage location.


The requirements for the load carriers on automated conveyor systems are varied, and a seamless workflow of the complex processes is essential.

Application examples

Folding box reference projects

Reusable tray from Migros


Trays in use at Migros

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DPS folding box from Rewe


Collapsible DPS boxes in use at REWE

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