Mega-Packs - Large load carriers made of plastic


WALTHER Mega-Packs

Diversity among large containers

The versatile plastic Mega-Packs will sustainably optimise your transport and storage logistics and reduce the volume by up to 75%.

Different base sizes for large-volume items

Our foldable pallet box Mega-Pack offers a wide range of base sizes. The deep-drawn pallets and lids are available in a wide range of base sizes from 800 x 600 mm up to our largest unit measuring 2,250 x 1,200 mm. Due to their design with feet, the robust pallets are accessible from all sides and have a high load-bearing capacity despite a low tare weight. Precisely fitting recesses in the lids ensure the next Mega-Pack unit can be stacked on top without slipping.

Properties and options

The special thing about our Mega-Packs

Mega Pack with folded ring

Stable, foldable support sleeve

The polypropylene (PP) support sleeves are the centrepiece of our Mega-Packs. They ensure ergonomic handling, volume reduction and the possibility of comprehensive customisation through special adaptation to your challenges.

Mega Pack


Our large foldable containers can be adapted to your requirements. From different product colours to special conductive ESD material and even customised printing and identification of the individual components with adhesive labels. Additional securing with bands, fillers for pallet feet and a base layer for a smooth pallet surface can be used to further customise our Mega-Packs.

Mega Pack with compartment

Customised container interior

The Mega-Packs can be individually matched to your products with compartments, trays or foam inserts. The customised packaging prevents the individual parts from slipping and at the same time no more space is wasted.

Mega Pack with opened and fixed flap

Removal opening

One or several removal flaps enable easy and ergonomic removal of the contents. Thanks to different locking mechanisms, e.g. "quick slide" or hook-and-loop fastening, the open removal flap can be locked on the large container.

Close-up lid Mega Pack

Safe transport

The locking mechanism in lid and pallet as well as stacking grooves and banding grooves in the lid enable slip-proof stacking. The robust foot pallet with low tare weight and high weight-bearing capacity ensures safe transport.

WALTHER Mega-Packs

All benefits of Mega-Packs at a glance

Saving resources through reusability and long product life
Versatility thanks to different base size versions
Efficient logistics through volume reduction by up to 75%
Well-thought-out design for maximum safety
Customised design and a wide range of accessories
Easy handling through quick and simple mounting and assembly
Individual advice

Do you have any questions regarding our range?

Then please get in touch. Our experts will be happy to advise you individually and help you find the solution you need.

Alwine Weißhuhn, Employee at WALTHER Folding Systems
Application examples

Folding box reference projects

Labeling of green Mega Packs at comepack
Mega-Packs in use at comepack

Intelligent container management

comepack uses large foldable load carriers from WALTHER for its multi-trip logistics. Learn more about the use of our Mega-Packs at comepack. 

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