Food & hygiene: Load carriers for hygienically sensitive areas

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Food & hygiene

Strict hygiene requirements

Customised reusable load carriers from WALTHER allow hygienic logistics in the food & hygiene sector.

Load carriers for hygienically sensitive areas

Cleanliness plays a particularly important role in the food & hygiene sector. Food packaging, such as yoghurt pots, cheese packaging or salad trays, are not produced directly next to where they are filled, but must first be transported to the food manufacturer. In order to comply with the strict hygiene requirements during transport, manufacturers are increasingly relying on easy-to-clean and flexible reusable plastic pallet boxes.

For logistics processes with strict hygiene regulations, such as in the food industry, our Hyboxes are particularly suitable - easy-to-clean and very flexible large plastic containers. A wide range of different pallets including support rings in a one or two-piece design is available. Our customers receive their customised Hybox version so that food packages may be transported to the filler economically and without wasting space.

Application examples

Folding box reference projects

KDP in double-stack transport with fruit and vegetable boxes


The Düsseldorf plastic pallet in use at ALDI Nord and ALDI Süd

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Collapsible fruit and vegetable boxes by WALTHER Faltsysteme

WBG Pooling

Collapsible fruit and vegetable boxes in use at WBG Pooling

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