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Intelligent solution

The Düsseldorf plastic pallet is the smart and durable alternative to wooden pallets, which found its way into the logistics of ALDI Nord und ALDI Süd via the pooling service provider Tosca.

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Sustainable alternative to the Düsseldorf pallet

The discounters ALDI Nord and ALDI Süd were looking for a more sustainable solution for the Düsseldorf wooden pallet, as it is often damaged after only a few rotations and repair is usually not economical. Specifically, they were looking for an efficient and high-quality solution for distribution to the branches and internal logistics. The solution: the specially developed Düsseldorf plastic pallet (KDP) from WALTHER Faltsysteme.

Collapsible fruit and vegetable boxes on KDP

Low tare weight, high load capacity

Although the plastic pallet has a low tare weight, it can still carry heavy loads. Thanks to its nubbed surface and the special contour of the skids, the KDP is stable and does not slip even when stacked. Carrying handles and anti-slip elements ensure ergonomic and safe handling.


In addition, the KDP is compatible with all common conveyor systems. The option of double-stack transport was an important bonus for the retailers. Several pallets with collapsible fruit and vegetable boxes, for example, can be stacked on top of each other. 

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Exact location recording and tracking

The in-mould labels and additionally integrated RFID tags open up completely new possibilities, such as bulk reading for example, without the label being visible. In contrast to wooden pallets, the KDP can be recorded and tracked at its exact location. This ensures smooth processes in the supply chain, minimises pallet loss and optimises inventory management. The KDP is robust and of durable construction and to a large extent consists of recycled material. Its modular design makes it possible to replace skids, which are subject to the greatest stress, individually. In addition to the comprehensive advantages in intralogistics, handling and sustainability, the KDP is also a visual benefit and ensures an attractive presentation of goods in the shops.


Since autumn 2020, ALDI Nord and ALDI SÜD have been replacing the classic wooden pallets with the KDP from WALTHER Faltsysteme across the company through the pooling service provider Tosca. 

Düsseldorf plastic pallet from WALTHER Faltsysteme

This is how ALDI Nord and ALDI Süd benefit from a smart solution

Sustainable reusable solution providing a long service life
Optimised logistics and enhanced presentation of goods
Exact location recording and tracking through RFID tags
Individual advice

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André Hecker, Employee at WALTHER Folding Systems
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