Düsseldorf plastic pallet

Plastic pallets

Plastic pallets

High stability, long service life

Plastic pallets are more than simple loading aids. Thanks to their sophisticated design and intelligent labelling, they are active participants in logistics circuits.

The alternative to wooden pallets

Plastic pallets are the modern alternative to wooden pallets. Their robust design makes them sustainable due to their long service life. They are impervious to moisture, easy to clean and hygienic, as neither dirt nor bacteria can penetrate. Moreover, there is no risk of injury from chips, nails or edges.

With our Düsseldorf plastic pallet (KDP) measuring 800 x 600 mm, i.e. half a Euro pallet, we are setting new standards for transport and intralogistics and have already received the pro-K award.

Properties and options

The special thing about our Düsseldorf plastic pallet


Intelligent load carrier

In-mould barcode labels and integrated RFID tags make our KDP an intelligent load carrier for seamless logistics. Goods movements can be tracked in real time. Reliable tracking of the location of the pallet and the goods allows for optimal planning and on-time delivery.



Already, around one third of the material used in production is post-consumer recycled material. The robust design withstands the tough demands of everyday logistics. The skids are subject to the greatest stress, which is why our KDP has a modular design and the skids can be replaced individually. At the end of its service life, the pallet can be fully recycled.



The design in accordance with the international standard DIN 15159 not only ensures a consistently high quality, but also that our KDP is compatible with all common conveyor systems. This ensures a consistently high ease of transport along all stages of the supply chain.



Our KDP can be identified on two sides with an in-mould label. In addition, it has two integrated pockets for RFID tags so that the containers can be easily tracked at every stage of the process chain. For customisation, e.g. with your logo or a note of ownership, relief embossing is a good option.

WALTHER Düsseldorf plastic pallet

All KDP benefits at a glance

Saving resources through long service life
Well-thought-out design for safe transport
Traceability thanks to in-mould barcode labels and RFID tags
Impervious to moisture and easy to clean, hence hygienic
Düsseldorf plastic pallet

Intelligent load carriers

Discover WALTHER's intelligent plastic pallet with in-mould barcode label and integrated RFID tags. 

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Application examples

Folding box reference projects

KDP in double-stack transport with fruit and vegetable boxes

Pooling service provider Tosca uses KDP

Find out more about the use of our KDPs at ALDI Nord and ALDI Süd via the pooling service provider Tosca and how the two discounters benefit from the intelligent transport solution.

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Folding boxes in use at FNAC

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The "Müller tower" in operation

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DPS folding box from Rewe


Collapsible DPS boxes in use at REWE

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Warehouse with folding boxes and automated storage technology in use
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