Reusable containers from the experts -


Reusable containers are sustainable and effective. Nothing protects your goods better during transport than plastic boxes. The trick is to find the right reusable container for your intended purpose. Whether they are foldable or rigid, with or without internal compartmens, voluminous or handy - our range offers all types of plastic boxes. Either in our online shop or in the minds of our designers.

Small folding containers

Simple handling and volume reduction of empty containers allow even large-volume boxes to be folded into flat units to save considerable space during transport.

Large foldable containers

Large containers that can become really small. With basic dimensions of up to 1820 x 1200 mm, our large foldable containers are among the giants among folding boxes.

Stacking containers

Rigid containers are the all-rounders in shipment and warehouse logistics. They are robust and can be used everywhere, and impress with their simple handling.

Nestable containers

Nestable containers are one of the easiest ways to reduce the volume of stackable plastic boxes for return transport.


Dollies make your boxes mobile, completely without using industrial trucks or other transport methods.


Plastic pallets are more than just simple loading aids that can be lifted by lift trucks. Thanks to their intelligent design they are a crucial part of our logistics solutions.