Retail: Customised transport solutions for intralogistics

Fruit and vegetable boxes in use at ALDI Süd


Extensive supply chains

Our reusable load carriers allow smooth order picking and delivery of goods.

Customised transport solutions

There are many different logistics processes in retail. The goods pass through several stages of the supply chain every day. In order to make the (semi-) automated processes efficient and sustainable all the way to the stores or places of distribution, a wide variety of load carrier solutions is needed.

Therefore, we develop customised reusable load carriers to meet the specific challenges and requirements in the respective logistics processes of the retail sector. In addition to the safe transport of goods, the focus is on process optimisation and cost savings. This is achieved through our durable, customised and volume-reducible transport and storage solutions.

Application examples

Folding box reference projects

Dispatch tower with different folding boxes on a trolley


Folding boxes in use at FNAC

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Reusable tray from Migros


Trays in use at Migros

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Dispatch towers with different folding boxes in use at Müller


The "Müller tower" in operation

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DPS folding box from Rewe


Collapsible DPS boxes in use at REWE

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KDP in double-stack transport with fruit and vegetable boxes


The Düsseldorf plastic pallet in use at ALDI Nord and ALDI Süd

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Collapsible fruit and vegetable boxes by WALTHER Faltsysteme

WBG Pooling

Collapsible fruit and vegetable boxes in use at WBG Pooling

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Warehouse with folding boxes and automated storage technology in use
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