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The reusable transport solution

Discover our innovative roll containers with patented quick-coupling system for quick and easy volume reduction of up to 80%.

The innovative roll container with comfort system

This robust roll container is characterised particularly by its innovative and patented quick-coupling system of the side rails and the simple handling that comes with it. The side rails are fixed to the base plate at three positions – without screw connections. This makes the system more stable, more durable, safer – and it remains volume-reducible. Ergonomic opening of the connection is possible via the foot pedal and the side rails can then be easily dismantled.

Properties and options

The special thing about our roll container

Quick coupling system of the roll container

Quick-coupling system

The patented quick-coupling system to connect base plate and side rails allows ergonomic opening of the connection, for instance via foot pedal, and easy removal of the side rail. When the side rail is inserted, its support closes automatically and securely fixes the side rail.

Roll container with stacked base plates and side grids

Volume reduction

Most roll containers cannot be dismantled - but we never lose sight of volume reduction. The integrated wheel recess stacking of the base plates and the possibility of accommodating up to 18 side rails per base plate achieve a volume reduction of up to 80%.

Roll container with laterally mounted intermediate shelves as container

Flexible use

The versatile intermediate shelves allow a flexible, horizontal subdivision of the roll container. The roll container is compatible with all WALTHER folding boxes. The combined use of different containers or cardboard boxes is no problem. The container can also be converted into a closed collection container, for example for empty cardboard boxes, without additional components.

Awards for the roll container: pro-K award 2020, German Design Award 2021, German Packaging Award in Gold 2021 and reddot award product design 2022

Award-winning innovation

Our innovative reusable transport solution has already won the Red Dot Design Award, the German Design Award, the pro-K award and the German Packaging Award in Gold.

WALTHER roll containers

All benefits of roll containers at a glance

Flexible use thanks to versatile intermediate shelves
Optimised logistics processes through volume reduction of up to 80%
Quick-coupling system for simple and quick removal of the side rails

WALTHER roll container with comfort system

Discover the innovative roll container by WALTHER, which is not only significantly space but also cost saving compared to conventional roll containers.

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Florian Herkenrath, Employee at WALTHER Folding Systems
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