Mario Eltus about career changing

Mario Eltus has been part of our IT support team since November 2022. As a career changer, he learns a lot in his day-to-day work and through external training. In this interview, he explains how his career change came about, what his biggest challenges were and what advice he would give to others who are considering a career change.

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5 questions to Mario Eltus

Mario Eltus, IT Support for the WALTHER Faltbox Group, about his experiences as a career changer.

You have changed careers and joined our IT department. What motivated you to make this career change?

Mario Eltus: I’ve wanted to switch to IT all my life and never took the chance to do so. My unsolicited application to WALTHER gave me the opportunity to do this. I was simply asked: What job would you like to do? And I chose IT.


What were the biggest challenges in IT for you and how did you overcome them?

Mario Eltus: The fact that I’m now at a slightly older age naturally makes it harder to learn. And you have to learn a lot, especially in IT. Always stay on the ball, always see what’s new. Getting the hang of it again, really using your head more, that was quite a challenge. After all, practice made it work.


What skills or experience from your previous job proved particularly useful?

Mario Eltus: In a nutshell: patience. I come from logistics, so you experience a lot there. You’re driven a lot. In IT, you also often must be patient. I’ve learned that quite well through my job.


What do you particularly like about your work at WATHER?

Mario Eltus: Firstly, the recognition from my colleagues. And the job itself is also appreciated – I haven’t seen that in IT before. IT support is usually the least popular part of the department as it means something isn’t working. But here you are recognized for your efforts. I get positive feedback from my colleagues, and I really like that.


What advice would you give to other people who are thinking about changing careers?

Mario Eltus: I would say that if you really want to do it, you should try, no matter what situation you’re in. You just must be convinced that you can do the job. Especially for me as a father with responsibilities, it wasn’t easy to take the step. But I haven’t regretted it and I’m very glad that I did it.