Unique boxes for unique products

Sustainability and quality go hand in hand with our new unique boxes: instead of recycling them directly, we now offer folding boxes with individual color gradients in our online store. In this way, our customers receive special unique pieces and contribute to environmental protection.
4322 V1 unique box blue

During the manufacturing process, we regularly vary the color added to our granulate. This results in unavoidable color nuances in our boxes during the first approx. 200 molding processes. Normally, due to such color variations our products not meeting our quality standards. As a result, they are sorted out and sent for recycling.

100% quality

But now we are putting an end to this: We are offering the boxes with color streaks at a reduced price in our online store. Because for us, it is precisely these color nuances that give our products their unique character. What’s more, the boxes meet our quality standards one hundred percent:


  • They are robust, the material used is of the same high quality as in the standard boxes and can therefore be used for years or even decades.
  • They are easy to clean.
  • They are versatile, e.g. for storing and transporting goods.
  • Their volume can be reduced by approx. 77 percent by folding them.
  • They are stackable and offer secure storage for various applications.
  • They are recyclable – at the end of their service life, we take back all products and turn them into recycled material for new products, e.g. in our Greenline boxes.

Our unique boxes go one step further: by using these products, we contribute to reducing CO2e emissions. Both the manufacturing process and recycling consume energy. By using the unique boxes, the material remains recyclable for longer and we conserve valuable resources.

Unique boxes in two sizes in the store

Our unique boxes are available in the Boxline store. We currently offer two versions of the unique box:

Both boxes have side openings with bars, closed sides and a closed, smooth base. All accessories are just as suitable for the unique boxes as for our conventional boxes.


Each box is unique: the color streaks can be more or less noticeable depending on the box. The colors also vary. The pictures shown here are merely examples.

Choose our practical and durable unique boxes and contribute to sustainability and climate protection.