Dominik Lemken, managing director

Dominik Lemken about the challenges and successes of management

Dominik Lemken has been Managing Director of the WALTHER Faltbox Group since the beginning of 2022. In this interview, he talks about the challenges and successes he has experienced during this time, his plans for the further development of the company and the topics that are particularly close to his heart.

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4 questions for Dominik Lemken

Dominik Lemken took over the WALTHER Faltbox Group in economically challenging times – and was nevertheless able to achieve some successes during this time.

Where do you see the WALTHER Faltbox Group in the packaging market?

Dominik Lemken: I see the WALTHER Faltbox Group as a pioneer in the packaging market, especially in the area of reusable transport packaging and reusable load carriers. After all, we produced the first folding box in Europe 45 years ago. At the same time, I also see us as an innovator who manages to develop new solutions on a daily basis – together with our customers – to make their logistics and supply chains more efficient and, above all, more sustainable.


You’ve been Managing Director for around two years. What challenges and successes have you experienced in this role so far?

Dominik Lemken: I’ve been with the company for twelve years now and have been in charge as Managing Director since the beginning of 2022. This start came at a time that was characterised by a variety of crises and challenges around us. In the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, there was a problem in the supply chain that made it difficult for us to obtain raw materials and purchased parts. Then it continued with the energy crisis after the Russian invasion. As a plastics processing company, we are also energy-intensive. That affected us just as much. And that’s not all: since then we have also been talking about an overall economic weakness and a reluctance to invest.


Parallel to these certainly difficult economic conditions outside the company, we have also reorganised our entire organisational structure within the WALTHER Faltbox Group in order to be able to act in an even more customer-centric way in the future. So there were a lot of challenges at the same time during this period. But the fact that we have mastered all of this in such a way that we are now well positioned for the future can certainly be considered a success.


What goals do you have for the further development of the company?

Dominik Lemken: That we know and understand our customers even better. Above all, we need to get to know our customers’ needs better so that we can tailor our offerings and the solutions we develop even more precisely to them. Because only if we manage to do this can we offer even greater added value for our customers, make our customers’ logistics even more efficient and reduce the consumption of logistics resources even further.


Are there any topics that are particularly close to your heart?

Dominik Lemken: Yes, of course it’s primarily about sustainability. That’s the topic of the moment. But we can justifiably claim that this has been firmly anchored in our corporate DNA for 45 years. After all, we developed and produced reusable load carriers 45 years ago. A reusable load carrier replaces one disposable packaging with every rotation. This saves valuable resources. Ultimately, we are actively helping to reduce the consumption of resources and stop climate change to some extent.