Delivery of the new ENGEL machine

Production started on new Engel machine

WALTHER Faltsysteme is preparing for the future: A new injection moulding machine at WALTHER Faltsysteme ensures increased production, while the old one provides better testing options.

In the summer of 2022, WALTHER Faltsysteme took over the majority stake in the injection molding producer Formex Plastik – since then, the WALTHER Faltbox group has set the course so that it is well prepared for a future together. The new Engel 1100 injection moulding machine was recently set up and production has already started. The new injection moulding machine will save resources with increased capacity. It also offers more space for the moulds and greater variability in production thanks to larger clamping surfaces.


“To put the machine through its paces during set-up, the first production run was carried out with a folding box stack mould. Twin handling was therefore sufficiently tested in terms of removal and labelling with the in-mould labels. The second production batch for a roll plate is already being prepared,” explains Oliver van Neerven, Head of Project Management at WALTHER Faltsysteme.

New purpose for the old machine

Its predecessor, a “Stork 900”, is given a new, important task: it is positioned as a pilot plant machine in the toolmaking department.

For us, this is a great opportunity to make prototypes, check material, try out tools and test product changes – without disrupting production process. This is not only practical, but also sustainable. With this, we are taking another step towards better product development and at the same time increasing efficiency in production.

Oliver van Neerven
Head of Project Management

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Setting up the new Engel machine

Setting up the huge machine through comparatively narrow aisles was a bit of a challenge – but now everything is working.