Laura Richert on starting her job and working in sales

Laura Richert has been a member of our sales team for a year and looks after customers and resellers, among others. In this interview, she talks about the highlights and challenges of her induction period and what makes WALTHER products so special.

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4 questions to Laura Richert

Laura Richert has been part of our sales team for a year now. What she likes best, apart from the customer meetings and her colleagues, is the feeling of working on something big.

Why do you like working in sales?

Laura Richert: I like working in sales because I really like the initial customer contact. I like being the first point of contact for potential prospects and customers and I also like representing our company directly to customers.


What did you like best about your first year at WALTHER Faltsysteme and what were the biggest challenges?

Laura Richert: What I liked best in my first year here at WALTHER was the very, very warm welcome from all my colleagues. That started on the very first day. On the professional side, I was able to take part in a sales training programme in my first year. The biggest challenge for me personally was simply learning to grasp this incredible variety of products and the unbelievably large product range. Of course, this is particularly important in sales so that you can advise customers accordingly. At this point, however, I was also helped extremely well by all my colleagues, so that worked smoothly in the first year.


What is special about the products from WALTHER Faltbox?

Laura Richert: The products from WALTHER Faltbox are characterised on the one hand by their high quality and on the other hand by their incredible durability. The products can be used for years. We also offer the service that if something breaks, we provide spare parts and don’t throw the products away, but repair them and then put them back on the market. Of course, this also opens up ecological potential in global logistics chains and ultimately saves CO2. 


What do you enjoy most about working with our customers?

Laura Richert: What I enjoy most in contact with our customers is that we work together based on partnership principles, are there for them as competent contacts and work with them to tackle their challenges and find solutions for them. I particularly enjoy this because you really have the feeling that you are working on something big. And at the end of the day, of course, satisfied customers with closed contracts also give everyone a good feeling.