Timo Lenßen process optimiser at WALTHER Faltbox Group

Timo Lenßen about working as a plastics and rubber technican

Timo Lenßen successfully completed his apprenticeship as a process mechanic specialising in plastics and rubber technology (now a plastics and rubber technologist) at the WALTHER Faltbox-Gruppe four years ago. Today he works as a process optimiser in our Plant 2 - this is where we produce small parts and "accessories" for our boxes, such as lids and pens. In the video podcast, he describes the content of the apprenticeship and why he chose a technical apprenticeship. He also talks about his day-to-day work today, what it's like to have management responsibility at the age of 24 and what motivates him in his job.

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5 questions to Timo Lenßen

Timo Lenßen, Process Optimisation in Werk 2, about his day-to-day work and apprenticeship as a plastics and rubber technican.

What is the content of the apprenticeship to become a plastics and rubber technican and what kind of work can you take on later?

Timo Lenßen: During the apprenticeship, you learn how to set up the injection moulding machines, i.e. you insert the mould into the machine and attach it. And then, of course, you also have to attach water and oil circuits to the mould. Depending on the material being processed, the moulds have to be tempered differently. Finally, the machine has to be adjusted – injection pressures, cooling times, speeds, how quickly you inject into the mould, all of this has to be set and in some cases calculated. In this way, we ensure that the part has the quality that the customer wants at the end of the day.


Why did you decide to do a technical apprenticeship?

Timo Lenßen: I’m generally a person who likes to be active, do something and doesn’t like to sit around all day. So I quickly realised that I wanted to do something technical.


Tell us about your day-to-day work.

Timo Lenßen: I now work in process optimisation at our Plant 2 and make sure that the processes – i.e. the injection processes, but also general processes, workflows and organisational matters – all run smoothly. Together with our plant manager I try to constantly improve them.


At the age of 24, you are already taking on management responsibility. What is that like for you?

Timo Lenßen: It wasn’t easy at first. But I think I learnt quickly and was able to withstand the pressure quite well because I was thrown in at the deep end a bit. I learnt a lot from it – for my day-to-day work in general, but also for my everyday life and myself as a person.


What motivates you?

Timo Lenßen: It’s always motivating to see the products we make in action at the end of the day. When we have accompanied an entire project and then receive an exhibit piece from the customer that contains many of our injection moulded parts. Then you realise: “Hey, that’s yours.” You look at it and know that 90 percent of it is from me or from us – that’s really cool.

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