Doreen Fischer talks about sustainability at WALTHER Faltsysteme

Doreen Fischer about sustainability

In our newest video, our Sustainability Manager Doreen Fischer answers four questions about her new position: The position 'Sustainability Manager' was newly created. What was it like for you to start? What will you do first? Tell us more about the 'Ökoprofit'-project. What do you like best about your job?

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4 questions to Doreen Fischer

Doreen Fischer, Sustainability Manager at WALTHER, about her new responsibility.

The position ‘Sustainability Manager’ was newly created. What was it like for you to start?

Doreen Fischer: I had a very good start. I was able to join the staff party in summer and chat to my new colleagues before everything really got going. Once I started my job, I felt very welcome. As the whole topic of sustainability is in WALTHER’s DNA, my colleagues already knew what to expect, were very helpful and provided me with a lot of support.


What will you do first?

Doreen Fischer: So first of all, I had a look at where we stand. What is already there? I used the end of the year to collect the first key figures in this whole area and to do the first review. For example, the corporate carbon footprint has been calculated for the last time in 2020 and I would now like to calculate it again for 2023. The ‘Ökoprofit’-project organized from the Kreis Kleve is also in progress.


Tell us more about the ‘Ökoprofit’-project.

Doreen Fischer: The ‘Ökoprofit’- project is organised by Kreis Kleve and Wirtschaftsförderung Kreis Kleve. Eight other companies are taking part and we have the opportunity to receive individual counselling on all aspects of climate protection. In workshops, we work together to share experiences and information.


What do you like best about your job?

Doreen Fischer: I particularly like the fact that I am in contact with a lot of different departments, so that I can obtain key figures from a wide variety of areas, for example. That makes my day-to-day work very varied. And also the fact that I can integrate my personal interest in sustainability into my job. That’s great.

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