Our expertise:

customer focus

We take the term “customer focus” very seriously. For us, focussing on the customer means integrating the customer in all stages of the project. And above all it means a thorough understanding of the customer’s transport task.


Only after having analysed all aspects of the good to be transported we can develop a suitable plastic box. WALTHER boxes are more than just four plastic walls around a product. They are active participants in our customers’ logistics processes. While the safe transport of the goods takes priority, the handling of the boxes, their use at their destination, and the further transport of the containers after they have been emptied are all essential components of a successful use of our folding and collapsible boxes.

Illustrative tools

From 3D images to prototypes from the 3D printer. Our customers understand what we are talking about.

Close to the customer

We design reusable containers in close contact with our customers. Our product understanding turns into the transport box that fits your needs.

Our expertise: customer focus

Collaboration with our customers is more to us than just a corporate philosophy. It is our general approach and is put into practice by all our employees.

Customer focus is good for the budget

We always find the most efficient solution - whether it is adapting an existing container or a completely new development.

WALTHER boxes: from the idea to the series

close to the customer

Experience the customer-oriented approach of WALTHER in developing and manufacturing new plastic containers.


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Customer focus is

integrated in our boxes

The development and manufacture of an individual plastic container is complex and demanding. But it is feasible for everyone because first, we are real professionals in designing and producing plastic boxes and second, even the longest way is made up of individual steps.


Containers are not developed in secret alchemical laboratories at WALTHER, their development is a transparent process. You will not only have insight in each stage of development, we even expect your input. No-one knows your product as well as you do. That is why we need your knowledge to be able to manufacture a container which is a perfect match for your goods and the numerous requirements of your individual transport task.


The initial requirement profile sets the framework for our development. We will make our engineers' designs visible to you via three-dimensional images and, if necessary, via prototypes from a 3D printer. For extensive projects, it is useful to produce a prototype series which will already give a good impression of the final container and can prove its serviceability in the test lab and in every-day use.  Not before all requested changes have been implemented, the series mould will be built. Of course you will also be involved when the first container of the series leaves the injection moulding machine. Congragulations on your own transport box!