One pallet,

many advantages

Transport a multitude of products using pallets. Pallets serve as an ideal underground for stacking - if the pallets are big enough, even two or four rows can be stacked next to each other. As the pallets are transported by lift trucks or other means of transport, you can stack high towers or also transport several heavy containers simultaneously.


One big advantage of plastic pallets compared to wooden pallets is their long lifetime. Wood absorbs humidity, can splinter and even rot. In addition, it needs special treatment for export abroad as bacteria and other vermin can easily hide in the pallets. This does not apply to plastic pallets. If you compare the costs with their long service life, plastic pallets quickly pay off. The high-quality workmanship and the quality of the materials make maintenance and repairs redundant. Thanks to their low empty weight and their economic storage you can also save further costs.


If pallets are made from plastic, they have a number of characteristics which have a positive effect on their hygiene. Their smooth surface makes it impossible for dirt particles to stick, and neither dirt nor bacteria can penetrate the pallet.


Plastic pallets are more than simple loading aids. Thanks to their intelligent design they are an essential part of our logistics solutions. That is important because pallets have long been active participants in logistic cycles which have to meet high demands. This applies not least to automated transport chains or use in high-bay warehouses.


The benefits of plastic pallets at one glance:

  • Long lifetime thanks to extremely high stability
  • Impervious to humidity
  • Either available as transport pallets or as special pallets for automatic high-bay warehouses

Be on the safe side with europallets

All Europallets have basic dimensions of approx. 1200 x 800 mm, which is a standardised size. This has the great advantage that the pallets can be exchanged among each other without problems. But it also makes it easier to transport the matching containers - even abroad.

No half measures with the half-pallet

The name of these pallets indicates it already: half-pallets measure half the above-mentioned europallets, that is 800 x 600 mm. Apart from that, however, half-pallets are just as robust, stable and durable as europallets. But the large europallets are not always needed. Half-pallets are suitable for smaller containers or if you have less space or want to have more flexibility when moving the pallets.

Industrial pallets for big jobs

Should the goods become a bit bigger so that they do not fit onto europallets, then industrial pallets are the next level up. With basic dimensions of approx. 1200 x 1000 mm, they can accommodate even large containers. Whether you need them for export, for hygienic or heavy-duty transport - you will find industrial as well as our other other boxline pallets with a focus on special properties which are suitable for your purposes.