makes for better transport containers

Even if it does not seem to have anything to do with technology, material or manufacturing methods: we take responsibility for what we do. This applies to our everyday work but also to the way we deal with resources and our environment in our work. Whatever way one looks at it, the result is better quality.


“Responsibility” is easily said and less easily done. That is why we have integrated it permanently into our everyday business. Our employees are responsible for dealing with our customers and the tasks customers give them. Everyone of us knows how important working meticulously is and draws the experience of daily success from it.


Beyond that we are also responsible for how we use our natural resources. WALTHER places great importance on the sustainable management of raw materials and energy; this is even proven by a TÜV certificate. Energy from our own solar plant is just as important to us as the development of transport boxes which can be used for as long as possible and recycled afterwards. The result of our efforts: quality distinctly above the market standard.

Responsibility for the environment

We save more than 600 tons of greenhouse gases - every year. This has been confirmed by the TÜV.

Quality grows from responsibility

At WALTHER, each individual work step is put to the test: that is what we call quality.

Production with Procyclen

Procyclen is a reclaimed material made from recycled plastic products.

Industry standard

WALTHER manufactures millions of products for the industry - in compliance with the highest standards.


The "Blue Angel": eco-label for our folding boxes

The "Blue Angel", the environmental standard of the German Federal Environment Ministry, was born in the same year as WALTHER Faltsysteme - in 1978. At WALTHER, the first eco-angel was documented as early as 1985. While 40 years ago it was about countering the avalanche of waste, today's maxim is climate protection. The angel, meanwhile, has remained the same, as has the certification of WALTHER Faltsysteme.


By now, the protection of the environment is so deeply rooted in the company from Kevelaer that every single folding and collapsible box from WALTHER is marked with the "Blue Angel" - thanks to their reusability. In 1985 the Environment Ministry used the example of returnable bottles to point out the advantages of a system of reusable containers: "Calculated for one litre of beverage, disposable packaging generates 12 times as much waste, 32 times as much waste and requires 6 times as much energy as a returnable bottle (with rinsing). On average, a beer bottle is filled about 52 times. Then it is recycled. A perfect cycle."


Today you could make a similar calculation for reusable plastic boxes. They avoid all packaging waste, are in circulation for decades and are then ground into a reclaimed material which can be used to produce new containers.

Climate protection

Optimised processes and regenerative material to protect the environment

Whenever it is feasible given the technical requirements, we use a mixture of virgin material and reclaimed material for production. This means annual savings of several hundred tons of CO2. Our Greenline series is even made from 100% reclaimed material.

More than

quality control

WALTHER has quality black on white, with certificates from the German Technical Inspection Agency TÜV for quality management, environment and energy efficiency. But for us that is not enough. We ensure top quality at every single work stage and test our finished containers in independent test institutes.

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This is how we

make our containers better

To err is human. Everyone makes mistakes, and often mistakes get bigger the further a plastic box proceeds in the manufacturing chain.


At WALTHER we have found the best method to largely avoid chains of mistakes and to reduce human error to a human level: responsibility. If every single employee does their job on the transport box with a sense of responsibility, automatic quality control is integrated at every single work stage.


Of course we also have quality inspectors who continuously monitor compliance with the required industrial standards of our reusable containers. Almost nothing escapes our specialised engineers. But that still is not enough for us. We put our newly developed products through their paces in external testing institutes. Sometimes it can hurt to see what stress the folding and collapsible boxes are exposed to. But that is part of the deal when it comes to the satisfaction of our customers.

GKV Code of Conduct

Since its foundation, WALTHER Faltsysteme has attached great importance to social responsibility - not only within the company but also in dealing with our customers and suppliers. We have therefore taken the opportunity of voluntary certification by the Gesamtverband der Kunststoffverarbeitenden Industrie e.V. (GKV). (GKV) and thus take a stand on these important issues. The GKV Code of Conduct combines compliance requirements with ethical and social standards.


With the certification, we commit ourselves to compliance with nationally and internationally applicable law, to refraining from any child labour, forced labour or discrimination, to ensuring health and safety in the workplace as well as sustainable environmental protection.


You can find more information about GKV at