Dollies make your boxes mobile, without the use of industrial trucks and other transport techniques. The basic dimensions of our dollies are ideally adapted to our transport box series. You can place a single container or several boxes next to and on top of each other on the container dollies. Thanks to the clever combination of boxes and dollies, entire despatch towers can be created, an optimal solution for stocking stores.


The advantages of our dollies at one glance:

  • All major standard sizes available
  • Up to 500 kg load capacity, depending on the model
  • Space-saving stacking and storage

Choosing the wheels

With four wheels on the bottom you have the possibility to stack boxes and containers on top of each other and move them without problems. You have the choice between maximum flexibility thanks to 4 castors, 2 fixed wheels and 2 castors, or 4 noise-reducing castors.

Dollies: the space-saving alternative

Dollies, unlike industrial trucks and many other transport methods, need hardly any space and thus also fit through narrow aisles, doors and rooms. As the basic dimensions of the dollies are adapted to the transport boxes, they can be stacked optimally and above all safely. That way you can optimise cycles and also save a lot of time.

Safe transport and optimal storage

You can find dollies in all basic dimensions relevant to our transport boxes. They are available in dimensions from 600 x 400 mm to 1200 x 800 mm. Our range also includes custom sizes. In addition, our dollies have small ridges all around, which do not only facilitate placing matching boxes on them but also prevent tipping.

High load capacity of the dollies

Depending on the model and the external dimensions you choose, the dollies can carry a weight of up to 500 kg. This enables you to either stack higher despatch towers or to easily move heavy goods from one location to another.