Stacking containers

The allrounders of shipping and warehouse logistics

Whether it is for safe transport, protected storage or an attractive presentation - containers are needed in many businesses for a variety of reasons. But they all have to fulfil certain criteria to meet the requirements of the goods stored in them. Stacking containers are among the classics in shipping and warehouse logistics. The simple yet well-thought-out design allows a wide range of applications and can be used in a variety of industries.

Stacking containers

Thanks to their simple handling and their robust design, stacking containers are the classics for shipping and warehouse logistics. They offer stability, protection and a high load capacity.


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Utilise the benefits of stacking containers

Space-saving storage

Stacking containers are known for their ability to be stacked to higher towers without posing any risks. This is mainly due to the fact that the special storage boxes smoothly fit into each other. However, this is only guaranteed for stacking containers with the same basic dimensions.

More order with stacking containers

Bring structure into your stored goods, your transport, or the presentation of your goods! You can do this by simply choosing the right stacking containers. Not only do stackable containers save space, they also give you a better overview. This means that any space can be used efficiently.

Protection of your goods

Like all other containers and boxes, stacking containers were primarily made to provide protection to their content during transport and storage. For this reason robust and stable side walls are particularly important.

A multitude of applications

You can use our stacking containers in many different areas in industry and trade. This also applies to the food sector for fruit, vegetable and various bakery products. By using plastic instead of wood or other materials, the containers are easy to clean and neither can dirt particles stick to the smooth surface nor can bacteria penetrate it.

Convenient to carry and simple handling

Integrated handles ensure that the boxes are convenient to carry. The plastic containers are easy to lift - even with heavy loads. And if the content does weigh a bit more, they can easily be placed on pallets and transported that way.

EU standard stacking containers

It is not uncommon for certain goods to have to be delivered abroad. In order to ensure a clean transport without complications, you should use special EU standard containers. This ensures that you can easily move the Euroboxes onto suitable pallets abroad and quickly transport them on.


Note: available in many sizes, heights and colours.

Individual stacking containers from WALTHER

You haven't found the optimal plastic box for your purposes yet? No problem! Individual requirements need individual solutions. That is why you can, of course, order individual boxes in addition to the containers from our range. Please contact us to discuss your options!