Benefits of large rigid containers

Large rigid containers are the giants among transport boxes. They are strong and robust while having a comparatively low empty weight. This not only makes it possible to transport sensitive goods, but also to carry the containers easily when they are empty. The robust design - due, among other things, to the special ribbing - offers optimal safety of the contents and protection against falls or knocks during transport. Their size makes it easy to transport all kinds of goods - from a large quantity of small products to heavy and massive goods.


Unproblematic adaptation of large rigid containers

Whether with feet or runners underneath - thanks to their different versions our large containers are a perfect match for your pallet and fit into your warehouse without any problems. Heavy goods do no longer need to be carried. Loading your goods from one container into another one in order to place them in the truck is also no longer necessary. Our transport boxes adapt ideally to every situation.

Suitability for foodstuffs

The different designs mean large containers can be used in many different industries, for example in the food sector. Their high holding capacity enables them to store and transport significantly larger quantities.

Large rigid containers

Strong, robust, and still lightweight - these are our large rigid containers. They provide optimum safety in transporting heavy and bulky goods.

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Sustainability at boxline

Plastic is a very valuable commodity. For this reason, we value sustainability and, in addition to new goods made of newly produced plastic, we also manufacture many containers made of recycled plastic. If you have any worn or broken plastic containers in your warehouse, you can dispose of them with recyclers who create fresh granulate from them according to modern standards and use it to produce new containers. Of course, this is done in accordance with the strict requirements of the German Federal Environment Agency.

Warehouse automation with individual containers

Simply integrate these plastic transport containers in your existing automated warehousing system and benefit from even greater efficiency.


Note: available in many sizes and heights, also available made from reclaimed material.