Benefits of a stacking container

The conductive stacking container units the advantages of a stacking container with electrical conductivity, making it ideal for the electronics industry. Stacking containers are known for their robust design and the high load they can carry and that can be placed on top of them. WALTHER manufactures this product range from one piece and thus increases the stability of the containers significantly. And despite their high stability, the conductive ESD stacking containers impress with their low weight compared to the high load they can carry. As they are made from special plastics, the containers can also be carried by hand without problems.

Conductive stacking boxes (ESD)

Thanks to their simple handling and their robust design, stacking boxes are the classics for shipping and warehouse logistics. They provide stability, protection and high load-bearing capacity. Our conductive stacking containers do not only protect from falls or impact during transport but also from dangerous electric charges, because even the smallest charge can damage sensitive components.


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Large variety of conductive stacking containers

In particular for storing and transporting components and elements with an electrical charge, conductive stacking containers are indispensable. Even the smallest electrical charge is enough to damage sensitive components. Minimise the risk right from the start and rely on conductive stacking containers from WALTHER, identified by their black colour. The ESD stacking containers are available in many different versions, with basic dimensions of 300 x 200 mm up to 600 x 400 mm in different heights, ensuring space for all sensitive components and their safe transport.