Stacking containers

for optimal shipping and transport logistics

Stacking containers are among the classic all-rounders in shipping and transport logistics. Thanks to their special design and their robust form they can carry heavy loads and also withstand high loads placed on top so they can be stacked onto each other to gain space without any problems. WALTHER  offers a number of different stacking container designs.

The right stacking container for each purpose

Our stacking containers are available in different sizes and colours. Starting from the smallest ones with basic dimensions of about 200 x 150 mm up to 800 x 600 mm. The height of the stacking containers from WALTHER  ranges from 40 mm to more than 500 mm. You will find stacking boxes in a multitude of colours to match them to your corporate colours or you can also use different  colours for different purposes if you like. And if you always want to know what is inside the boxes - this is particularly helpful for files or other documents - you will also find special transparent stacking containers with a lid in our range.


The advantages of our stacking containers at one glance:

  • Ideal for storage thanks to simple handling and optimum stackability 
  • The widest available range for suitable container solutions

  • The robust design is ideally suited to stacking heavy weights

Stacking containers

A wide range for your requirements

Stacking containers are real multi-talents in their area. They can be used in a variety of ways and promise the company more convenient logistics. You, too, can benefit from our stacking containers and find the ideal solution for your warehouse. The classics in shipping and warehouse logistics are not only available in a simple version. We also offer stacking containers in a number of other versions that will reduce your workload and contribute to even safer storage and transport. Choose the perfect solution for you and your requirements from our wide range.

Easy access despite stable design

If you stack many containers on top of each other in your warehouse, it can be difficult to get to one of the lower boxes. Moving each container individually takes up valuable time, which you could use much more efficiently. Avoid this waste of time by using open-fronted storage boxes. These open-fronted storage boxes always give you direct access to the contents of the box. You can use them to store small parts and other important elements that you need frequently.