Folding boxes

Save up to 80% volume with the folding boxes from WALTHER. Simple handling and volume reduction when empty allow even large-volume boxes to be folded into flat units, saving space in transport.

All benefits of WALTHER folding boxes

at a glance

Volume reduction by up to 80 % when empty

Folding in just a few steps - safe and quick

Optimal stacking thanks to coordinated design

Long service life with proper handling

Stability despite folding feature

Wide range


Note: available in many sizes, heights and colours.

Up to 80 % volume reduction

The special feature of the folding boxes is the option to quickly reduce their volume. In just a few simple steps, you can fold the empty boxes at any time, reducing their volume to only 20% of the original size. You can easily stack the empty boxes on top of each other and save a lot of space during transport or storage, saving you not only time but also money.

Optimal stacking thanks to perfect design

Concealed behind our WALTHER folding boxes there is a sophisticated design, allowing you to stack other WALTHER boxes of the same size on top of each other. This is not only possible when the folding box is empty. You can stack even filled boxes on top of each other very easily. Some of our folding boxes can also be closed with an integrated lid so that the contents are completely protected from all sides. And if you have already created high stacks, but need the contents from one of the lower boxes, we have some models in our range that can be easily opened and closed at the front without losing their stability.

High durability of the folding boxes

Our folding boxes are made from high-quality plastic and thus have a long service life. Of course, this is only guaranteed with proper handling. Benefit from the right folding boxes for many years and invest in an economic future for yourself and your company.