Conductive folding boxes (ESD)

for sensitive components

With our WALTHER folding boxes you can transport your goods safely. But the simple foldable plastic containers sometimes reach their limits. For example, when it comes to the transport or storage of conductive components and elements. These conductive elements and parts are very sensitive and therefore require special transport with protection against electrostatic charging. And this can only be achieved with the right materials. Our range offers such a solution through foldable containers made of conductive material. They meet the high safety requirements of the electrical industry and are therefore also ideally suited for this sector.

Conductive folding boxes (ESD)

Even the smallest electrical charges can destroy some components. Our conductive folding boxes optimally protect sensitive components during transport and meet the high safety requirements of the electrical industry.

Voltage-free transport with ESD protection

ESD protection (ESD= electrostatic discharge) is not guaranteed with every plastic box. If you want to transport or store electronic elements and components, you should make sure that your boxes have this feature in order to guarantee reliable protection. Special ESD materials have such a feature which prevents electrostatic charging through friction with plastic in oder to avoid electromagnetic interference. Not only electrically conductive products belong in such a special box, easily flammable parts should be stored and transported in them as well as they can also become dangerous otherwise.


Opt for good workmanship, in particular for your sensitive products, and do not save on quality. Because the resulting costs in the event of possible damage to the component and elements, or other objects or even people would be much higher. With our containers you will definitely be on the safe side!