Collapsible boxes from WALTHER

Discover the benefits of a collapsible box for your own business! Collapsible boxes are highly versatile and impress with their special design. Thanks to their special design they can easily be reduced to a minimum of their original volume when empty. This is especially helpful if you want to transport or store many collapsible boxes without using a lot of space.

Collapsible boxes – the classics in food sales

These collapsible boxes are frequently used in the sale of food. In contrast to wooden boxes, collapsible boxes made of plastic are resistant to insects and fungi, ensuring a significantly longer service life. Cleaning the collapsible boxes is also much more simple. In addition, the special vegetable boxes have perforated sides and bases. The numerous small holes create air circulation, which has a positive effect on the shelf life of fruit and vegetables. Of course, the collapsible boxes can also be used for other purposes. In addition to the Veggie Fresh product range, there are also several other collapsible containers, some of which do not have perforated side and base walls.

More space through simple folding

Save lots of space - and not just in storage but also during transport. In particular in return transport, collapsible boxes can clearly show their advantages.. Rigid containers are still cumbersome and take up a lot of space so that several trips or several transport vehicles might be needed. Foldable containers have a distinct advantage: using various systems like folding or collapsing they can simply reduce their volume. Where you were only able to fit in one box before, you can now put five containers.


Collapsible boxes from WALTHER still maintain their industrial quality. They are very robust and can withstand greater loads. In addition, the collapsible containers can be stacked on top of each other thanks to their high stability - and not just when they are collapsed.