Large foldable containers

for big jobs

It is not always possible to transport certain parts in simple folding boxes. In some cases something bigger might have to be used. And that is where large foldable containers from WALTHER come into play. Benefit from our giants among folding boxes with their basic dimensions of up to 1820 x 1200 mm! With them, even large elements can be transported and stored without any problems. And once the boxes have fulfilled their purpose and are no longer in use, you can easily save space by folding them.

Large foldable containers

Large containers that can become really small. With their basic dimensions of 1820 x 1200 mm, our large foldable containers are the giants among folding boxes.

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Large containers turned small

The option of folding containers in just a few steps and thus reducing the original volume to a minimum is not only available for small boxes and containers. It works for large containers, too. Even if less volume can be saved, it still makes a big difference for large containers. This feature allows you to save a lot of space during return transport or when storing large containers when empty - so you can reduce transport and storage costs and save time as well.


You can fold the containers by removing the lid from the container and loosening the base. The side walls can then be easily folded and placed on the base. If the lid is now placed on top, the side walls are no longer visible. That way, the remaining volume can be minimised.

High load capacity despite folding option

Despite the folding option, you don't have to make any compromises on the load capacity - because even our large foldable containers can easily take on heavy loads and transport them safely. Only the load you can place on top of the containers is more limited than with rigid large containers. If you need to place something on the large container, we recommend using the rigid version, which still is a real lightweight among large containers despite its robust walls.

Variations for optimal use

Discover large foldable containers from WALTHER in various designs, making transport and storage easy for you. Because in addition to their different basic dimensions and different heights, the large foldable containers also have other differences. You have the choice - with or without lid, with a closed base or without base, with 2 or 3 runners or 4 or 9 feet, with or without access opening and more. A small selection of colours is also available. Find the right large container for your needs.