40 years

of innovations

WALTHER Faltsysteme began with an innovation 40 years ago: the first folding box on the German market. Since then we have not stopped reinventing collapsible multi-trip containers. Over and over again, every day, with each new transport task set by a customer.

If there is one thing we are really proud of in our company's history of more than 40 years, it is our spirit of innovation. No other manufacturer has driven the development of multi-trip transport containers as much as WALTHER Faltsysteme. Collapsible boxes which are only 13 mm high when empty, folding containers which are automatically folded and unfolded in automated warehouses, collapsible mega-packs made from lightweight plastic dispensing with the need for heavy mesh boxes, completely collapsible flex-fold containers made from conductive plastic for transporting electronic components, inner packaging fitted to within millimetres protecting sensitive goods - this list could easily be continued.

We like to be the first

From the folding box to Flexfold - who invented it? WALTHER.

Innovating boxes is in our blood

We have been reinventing plastic containers for 40 years. For the benefit of our customers.

Our expertise: innovation

We won't just supply you with a standard solution. We invent exactly the container you need. And that will become the new standard.


in building boxes

It is easy to claim being innovative. We deliver proof. See for yourselves what individual new developments of reusable boxes by WALTHER Faltsysteme look like.

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in every detail

WALTHER Faltsysteme is a family business. That may sound old-fashioned but it isn't at all. Because for us it means that we can build on 40 years of unbroken continuity. And it ensures flat hierarchies.

Innovation is driven by the management and implemented by the other departments, each of which is responsible for special tasks. The flat hierarchy at WALTHER ensures that it is only a short way from customer request to production.

The flat hierarchies also guarantee that the idea of innovation is not just limited to the big solutions. Because to us, every new container we develop is an innovation. Maybe it is just a small detail that can make things a lot easier for the customer.

TOP 100 innovator - 2021

Award-winning innovative strength: WALTHER Faltsysteme GmbH has been awarded the TOP 100 seal of approval 2021. This award honours particularly innovative medium-sized companies. This makes us one of the top innovators in Germany.

Innovative through Research - 2020/21

The Stifterverband, a joint initiative started by companies and foundations, again awards WALTHER Faltsysteme the “Innovative through Research” seal of approval. The award is only given to companies that, among other aspects, incorporate scientific findings into their product development. We maintain close contacts with the universities within the region and collaborate with researchers. We constantly work on new solutions and further develop existing products. We optimise the use and composition of materials, for example, to make our containers as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. Our decades of development work have resulted in many innovative container solutions that have won numerous awards. We will continue to build on this in the future.