Our experience

for your transport box

Only if you ask you will get answers. In 40 years we have learned to ask the right questions - which in turn lead to the right solutions for our customers’ transport tasks. That is where our experience comes from.


The right questions are key for successfully solving a transport task. At WALTHER we have learned what questions we need to ask so we can develop exactly the right transport container based on the answers we get.


Asking the right questions for 40 years means we can unite unrivalled expertise under one roof - from the idea to series production, from the first customer contact to controlling machine cycles in our manufacturing units.

Experience means continuity

The WALTHER employees have been with the company for many years. They are true professionals in the container business.

Boxes with know-how

We can rely on 40 years of know-how. You will experience this from the first design to the exact plastics mixture of your reusable box.

Everything under one roof

This is what experience has taught us: At WALTHER, all departments which are important for the manufacture of containers are united under one roof.

See for yourself:

what we can do

In a smooth interplay of design, toolmaking and production, optimal plastic boxes are produced at WALTHER.

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Experience leads

to expertise

The development of a tailor-made multi-trip box exactly matched to any special requirements is not very difficult - if you know how to do it. For a good result it is essential that all departments involved work together seamlessly. Our experience has shown that this only works if project managers, engineers and technicians are united under one WALTHER roof.


They know each other, speak the same language, have the same experience with the same customer projects. Only this ensures a smooth flow of information. Only this ensures that the designer understands what the project manager discussed with the customer; only this ensures the tool maker manufactures the right tool for the folding box; only this ensures the engineer can control the injection moulding machine correctly in order to compensate the loads the transport box will have to face with the right material in the right place.


The employees of WALTHER Faltsysteme haven been with the company for many years, allowing the WALTHER crew to grow into a well-integrated, experienced team. Here, the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. Here, transport containers tailor-made for their task are developed.