40 years of WALTHER.

40 years of expertise.

For over 40 years WALTHER Faltsysteme has been working on the future of transport logistics. Since the company's founder, Rolf F. Walther, introduced the folding box system in Germany in 1978, we have stood for expertise in multi-trip logistics, with experience, responsibility, innovation, and customer focus.


On a large scale, this applies to our expertise in the development of pooling systems, which would not work without the millions of reusable boxes from WALTHER in use. And it applies just as much for the numerous individual solutions, from smaller folding and collapsible boxes to large containers we have specially tailored to our customers' needs.


Experience, responsibility, innovation and customer focus are the pillars of expertise of WALTHER Faltsysteme. They were and always have been rooted firmly in the present. That is why we won't take long to look back in view of our company's anniversary, but rather show you what we base your and our future in transport logistics on.

Our experience for your transport box

Learn why 40 years of experience make the difference for your transport tasks.

Project management

At WALTHER, project management means making the progress of their project transparent to our customers. From the idea to the series.

Responsibility means quality

Find out how responsibility for nature and the long service life of our boxes ensure unrivalled quality.

Innovation in every detail

Why innovation is not just wishful thinking about the future but meticulous, practical work on solutions? Read the answer here.

Customer focus is our secret of success

Find out how our customer focus leads to successful transport solutions exactly tailored to your needs.

Our 4 pillars of social commitment

Sponsoring and supporting universities and higher education institutions in general or specific research and development projects as a contribution to technological development.


Custom-made plastic containers: WALTHER, the specialist for individually designed plastic containers, supports you every step of the way, from design to series production.